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This plugin changes the way you see the links in Confluence. With Link Preview for Confluence, you do not need to open links to see their content, you just need to pass the mouse over and a popup is shown with the link content. This plugin currently previews images, pdf files and hyperlinks.

In Confluence's Administration you can define the Link Preview behavior, such as:

  • Define the file types that you wish to preview
  • Define the hierarchy of link elements to preview
  • Define the popup layout using CSS
  • Define if the popup shows or not the file name
  • Define if the popup has the same header color as defined in Confluence theme.

All the above configurations can be overridden at the space level.

Link Preview is a Add-on developed by Xpand Add-ons, an Atlassian Expert Company. 

All documentation is presented on the left side menu.

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