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The Tableau Write-back Sandbox Environment that allows you to immediately demo it.

Please bear in mind that this is a public environment shared by everyone:

  • any data submitted by the users on the extension will be stored on this environment, do not upload any relevant data
  • a reset is done every Sunday at 0:00 GMT

Start Using Write-Back

To start using it you just have to:

  1. Define how to use it:
    1. Download our Sample Workbook and start submitting data
    2. Create your own Tableau dashboard on Tableau Desktop, we advise using the Superstore samples, and then use the extension through this .trex file.
  2. We have configured a set of pre-defined users so you can test it, please choose one or interchange between them:
    1. User 1
      1. user: user1
      2. password: password
    2. User 2
      1. user: user2
      2. password: password
    3. User 3
      1. user: user3
      2. password: password
  3. Follow our User Guide

All data is store on PostgreSQL, so if you want to connect an leverage the data submitted you can use:

Additional Information

  • Tableau Server:
    • The extension also works on the Tableau Server but you need to authorize it as per the Installation Manual. For the public demo environment be very careful not to submit any relevant data. 
  • .Additional assistance
    • If you have questions or you need assistance, please open a ticket on Service Desk.

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