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The dates are parsed accordingly to a format which can be defined using the following tokens:

YYYY20182 or 4 digit year
YY182 digit year
Y1year with any number of digits
Q2quarter of year
M / MM10month
MMM / MMMMJan / Decembermonth name
D / DD21day of month
DDD / DDDD234day of year
H / HH18hours (24 hour time)
h / hh5hours (12 hour time)
a / A / pAMAM or PM
m / mm34minutes
s / ss45seconds
S / SS / SSS778fractional seconds
Z / ZZ+12:00offset from UTC (in +-HH:mm or +-HH mm or Z)


12/01/2018 14:55DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm
Jan-2nd-2018 08:30 AMMMM-Do-YYYY hh:mm a
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