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Write-Back road map is being constantly reviewed and redefined. We constantly listen to the feedback provided by our customers and internal stakeholders and update it accordingly.

Here you can find a list of features that define our main goals for future releases. This doesn't mean that other, potentially features, won't be implemented as well.

In the works

 Write-Back Manager

Improve Write-Back Manager to support Themes

 Support Vertica

Add Vertica support on the Write-Back database engine

 Improve Tabular View

More flexibility on configuration and allow text fields on cells

Future versions

 Multiple datasets on the same button

We want to allow users to configure multiple datasets and associate them with the same dashboard button. On dashboards with multiple instances of Write-Back for similar purposes, this will allow for it to take less space and provide a better experience for end-users.  

 Calculated Fields

We intend to allow users to configure fields whose value is driven by a formula.

 Field Validation

We plan to allow power users to configure validation rules associated with the fields so they can have better control over what end-users can input. 


We plan to implement a simple authorization mechanism that should reduce the risk of getting out of sync with Tableau Server permissions while at the same time allowing administrators to have easier control over who does what. 

 Event notifications

We want to allow users to know if the records they are selecting are being updated by anyone else. This should be a flexible event mechanism. 

 Support Multiple Time zones

We plan to allow users to submit data from different time zones and store them so that when retrieved can be converted to the local timezone.

 Improve User Experience

We plan to allow users to:

  • Whenever there is an error on a form field, if the user tries to submit the form, Write-Back should scroll automatically to the field exposing the error.
  • Filter columns on the tabular format in the same way they do with rows.
  • Better match the Tableau field types so it is easier for users to join with existing data.
  • Bulk edit from the timeline. A user should be able to select multiple entries and update one or multiple field values across all of them.
  • When editing an entry on a multi mark selection Write-Back should scroll automatically to that entry when highlighted. 
  • Be able to copy-paste multiple values as predefined field entries. 

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