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Tableau is an amazing tool to analyze and explore data but have you ever came across a use case where you would need users to input data? There are many examples such as: forecasting, planning, adding comments or any actionable process. Most of the time you’ll use another tool to input the data which comes with important disadvantages: a separate tool is needed, so you won't be on the Tableau flow anymore, no security and no auditing.

The Tableau Write Back Extension solves these challenges by allowing you to submit the data directly from your Tableau dashboard and with all the features that make it an enterprise grade extension:

  • To start, check out the product Demo Video or give it a try yourself on our Public Demo.
  • To get more in-depth information, continue with the documentation below or jump right into the extension details.
  • The extension is commercialized as a yearly subscription, use these links to purchase a license or request a trial (signup and login in the marketplace are necessary).

Main Features

  • Back end: Write the data to your data base technology of choice.
  • Usability: Intuitive UI allowing any user to submit his data and easily configure new use cases.
  • Security: The communication between Tableau and the extension is secured and authenticated and you the extension is deployed on your own infrastructure so you have full control on security policies.
  • Audit tracking: Historical actions performed by the users are fully traceable in a relational database so you know exactly who did what. 

Detailed Features

Intuitive UI with multiple field types(tick)
Add, edit and delete entries(tick)
All database management tasks, including creating tables, are handled automatically(tick)
Write to a separate data set, original data is never changed(tick)

Local deployment (on-premise or cloud) *


Local authentication

Kerberos authentication(tick)

Active Directory authentication

Tableau Server authentication(tick)
Audit Tracking
Any action regarding data or configuration is audited(tick)
SAP Hana(tick)
SQL Server(tick)
Amazon Redshift(tick)
Hyper Files (BETA)(tick)
Rest API
Available REST API to submit data automatically(tick)

Additional Notes

Tableau has defined the concept of Networked vs Sandboxed extensions: 

  • Network-enabled extensions run on web servers located outside of your local network.
  • Sandboxed extensions run in a protected environment without access to any other resource or service on the web.

Write-Back does not fit directly on any of these categories in the sense that it runs on your local environment, and thus in a protected environment, but it does require access to another resource namely the database, that is used to store data sets. For you this means you have total control on what the extension can access as you can apply your own network policies.


The goal of this section is to provide some information on the direction the product is taking, the capabilities shown below are not currently available and may not be ready on time. We advise customers to make their purchasing decisions based upon features currently available as stated on Detailed Features above.

Release 2.0

  • New features
    • Ability to insert data in a table
      • Copy and paste numeric data from excel
      • Easier management of multiple KPIs
      • New intuitive UI to configure this new configuration type
    • Site logic similar to Tableau Sites

Future Releases

  • UI Improvements
    • Bulk edit 
    • Improve field handling
  • New features
    • Tabular input of data 
    • Calculated fields 
    • Create datasets based on previous configurations for faster set up
    • Support additional back end technologies like Office 365
    • Authentication based on SAML
    • Availability to separate configuration tables from your Data (only available for hyper, for now)
  • Improvements
    • Warn users when configured language is different from the one used to add data
    • Field validation
    • Usability enhancements

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