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You are on the Xporter Server documentation. If you are looking for Xporter Cloud documentation, you can find it in this page.

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Xporter provides a way to backup and/or restore all settings, including:

  • Global settings
  • Installed Templates
  • Permission Schemes
  • Scheduled Reports
  • File Servers

This must be used only for the same Jira instance or in a Jira-cloned Instance.

If you import/restore settings using a backup generated from a different Jira instance, the following issues may occur:

  • Permission schemes may have incorrect:
    • Issues Types
    • Groups
    • Roles
    • Issue Type/Template mapping
  • Scheduled reports may have configuration problems
  • Workflow Post-Function may not work due to missing templates

Export/Import Settings

This screen allows you to backup and also restore the Xporter Settings.

The backup can be used to move Xporter between different databases if required, as well as creating a backup that can be used if something goes wrong.

To create an Xporter backup, specify a backup name and click Backup. This will create a ZIP file in the Jira export folder, containing a JSON file with all database settings and a folder with the installed templates.

In order to import the backup created previously, you just need to add the file name on the Import section and restore.

To perform an Xporter restore, the backup file should be placed in the Jira import folder, and the user should specify the correct file name. After that, all current Xporter content will be wiped out and replaced with the content from the ZIP backup file.

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