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The Create Document and Send Report workflow post functions were marked as Deprecated on version 5.5. 

That is because Xporter now provides a new workflow post function called Xporter multi-action workflow post function.

Why should we migrate to the new workflow post function?

The new workflow post function replaces the old post functions, so if you want to generate a document and attach it to the current issue and send a report by e-mail when a transition happens, you need to create two post functions (This means generating the document twice).

The advantages of using the new one are:

  • Creating the document once
  • Defining multiple actions:
    • Attach the document to the current Issue
    • Send the document by e-mail
    • Upload the document to several file servers

How can we migrate to the new workflow post function?

As of right now, there isn't an automated way to migrate. What must be done is: 

  1. Create new multi-action workflow post function with all configuration needed 
  2. After that delete the old ones.

At first, as you can see in the example below, we have two workflow post functions (Create Document and Send Report) which are both deprecated.

  1. Send the report generated by email 
  2. Attach the report on the issue who performed the transition and upload the document on an SFTP File Server

Before the upgrade for Xporter 6.0, we have to create a new workflow post function called "Xporter multi-action" and it will have the actions of both post functions defined on the post functions deprecated.

As you can see in the example above, the newest post function will perform all the actions defined in the previous post functions.

After upgrading the post functions and performing the Upgrade for the latest version of Xporter, the oldest post functions will be deprecated.

Finally, delete both post functions deprecated, and from now on the actions will be performed from the Xporter Multi-Action.

Ask for Support

If you are facing some problems or even difficulties please raise a support ticket here to get some help from our support team.

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