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10 May 2017

The Xporter for JIRA team proudly announces the release of Xporter 5.1.0. This point release contains several new features and bug fixes.

Importante Notice

Version 5.1 is also available for JIRA 6. However, due to compatibility issues, some new features are unavailable.

List of unavailable features for JIRA 6:

  • Integration with Structure add-on
  • New feature in our Integration with Xray add-on


Highlights for this release

XLSX (current fields)

Xporter (current fields) was renamed to XLSX (current fields) to minimize customer confusion.




Integration with Structure add-on

You can now export all your Structures! With an in-built Xporter for JIRA button you can easily export from structure screen. Learn more about this integration here.



Integration with Xray add-on

Our integration with the Xray add-on is even more complete. You can now export all the Tests and Test Executions belonging to a Test Plan and more. You can learn more about this in our documentation.



Integration with Checklist for JIRA add-on

Get all selected option printed on documents from Checklist Add-on.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Key T Summary Fix Version/s

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