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4 September 2017

The Xporter for JIRA team proudly announces the release of Xporter 5.2.0. This point release contains several new features and bug fixes.


Highlights for this release

Export Gliffy diagrams

This new version will allow customer to get Gliffy diagrams printed on documents. Nothing needs to be done — Xporter will do it automatically.




Export issues in Word documents with Attachments

Now, you can get attachments exported, just like what has been done for PDFs.



Configure the Attachment export feature at the Template level

Attachments are configured globally at the Global Settings page (Xporter administration) and the setting is applied to all templates. With this new version, you can define the feature at the template level.



Use a Text Editor on Send E-mail Post Function

We have added a rich text editor on the e-mail body field (Send E-mail Post Function) in order to take advantage of the many features that provides. Styling your e-mail content is now fast and easy.



Populate a template in the body of the email

The Xporter Send E-mail Post Function allows you to define if you want to get the file as an attachment or as part of the body of e-mail. You can learn more about this in our documentation

Use a JIRA filter as JQL statement

A new function was created in order to retrieve JQL queries by filter name or filter id.

Iterations with a sort parameter.

Sorting iteration content is now super easy. This new feature will allow customers to sort iterations by iteration fields.

Backup/Restore Xporter Settings.

It is now possible to restore or move your Xporter settings to another JIRA instance. Xporter allows you to create backup files and restore settings from those files.

As a user, create and manage your own templates.

Depending on the administrator to install new templates can be tedious. We’ve decided to allow users to have their own template management section in their user profile page.

These templates can be shared with users/groups.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Key T Summary Fix Version/s

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