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The Xporter for Jira team is excited to announce the release of Xporter 5.8.0
This version includes major performance improvements and adds compatibility with the newest version of JIRA 8.0

Great news

Xporter 5.8.0 is 100% compatible with JIRA 8.0. Note: If installing manually from the Atlassian Marketplace, please make sure you install the correct asset for your Jira version (i.e. 7.x, 8.x, data center) from the releases page.

Highlights from this release

Support for Jira 8.0

Xporter 5.8.0 is 100% compatible with the brand new Jira 8.0 and all Xporter features have been successfully validated.

Improvements with Xray Integration

Print Test Runs of a Test which belongs to a Test Plan

Now it's possible to extract information from test runs directly from a Test inside of a Test Plan. With this new feature, it's not necessary to iterate over Text Executions and find the correct Test Run to print the related data.

This Xporter version provides you a way to get Test Runs information printed on the Test Plan level. Take a look at the following example.

#{for c=Tests[n].TestRunsCount}

//Getting Text Execution data from Test Run:
${Tests[n].TestRuns[c].TestExecution.Test Environments}

//Getting Test Run Data
${Tests[n].TestRuns[c].Execution Status}

Update your templates

To get the most out of this improvement we highly recommend you use the latest version of the templates: Xray Test Plan Basic with Cover Page and Xray Test Plan Advanced with Cover Page. If you are using templates from our template store, you must edit them and change the definition in order to use the new feature.

Performance improvements

Improvements were made in order to make the exporting process faster and more efficient. Previously, we noticed that some issues were detected when users were exporting a large number of data including Xray app data such as Test Plans and Test Executions.


In order to avoid similar situations related to JIRA performance, we recommend you taking a look at this article, which will give you suggestions on best practices for Xporter configuration and usage.

EXIF metadata of an image is now processed

Images with an EXIF property will automatically be rotated to their correct orientation. Also, a new property was created, letting you choose which behavior to apply to images.

Autofit property on Excel templates

A new autofit property was created in order to allow users to choose if they want the final document autofitted.


Learn more here.

Define which style to keep on the final document

A new style property was created in order to allow users to choose if they want the final document to use Word or JIRA (data) style.


Learn more here.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Key T Summary Fix Version(s) Resolution

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