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20 August 2019

The Xporter for Jira team proudly announces the release of Xporter 6.1.0. This point release contains several new features and bug fixes.

If installing manually from the Atlassian Marketplace, please make sure you install the correct asset for your Jira version (i.e. 7.x, 8.x, datacenter) from the releases page.

Highlights for this release

Improvements with Xray Integration

Print Test Runs directly from Test

Now it's possible to extract information from test runs directly from a Test. With this new feature, it's not necessary to iterate over Text Executions or Test Plans and find the correct Test Run to print the related data.

This Xporter version provides you a way to get Test Runs information printed on the Test Plan level. Take a look at the following example.

#{for c=TestRunsCount}
//Getting Test Run Data
Execution Status: ${TestRuns[c].Execution Status}
Executed By: ${TestRuns[c].Executed By}
Started On: ${TestRuns[c].Started On}
Finished On: ${TestRuns[c].Finished On}
Comment: ${wiki:TestRuns[c].Comment}
Execution Defects Count: ${TestRuns[c].ExecutionDefectsCount}
TestSteps Defects Count: ${TestRuns[c].TestStepsDefectsCount}

Update your Xray version

In order to use this new feature, you should have, at least, the Xray version 3.4.2

New template scopes

New Template Scopes

Template scopes define where the template will be available. The following scopes are available:


Xporter Reports

Xporter Reports feature
Bulk ExportMultiple Issues export (Issue Navigator screen) or Bulk action
Schedule ReportsXporter Schedule Reports
Single ExportIssue detail screen
Workflow Post FunctionsXporter workflow post-functions
JSD Request DetailJIRA Service Desk Request detail screen
JSD Request ListJira Service Desk My Requests detail screen
StructureStructure (ALM Works app)
JSD QueuesJira Service Desk Queues (Agent view)
Agile BoardsThis scope refers to Backlog and Active Sprint and Kanban 
Agile ReleasesManage Release on Agile/Kanban boards. Xporter is available on the Release list and detail screen.

Sort issue on &{for issues} iteration level

Sorting issues by issue fields is now possible with this new version of Xporter.

Example: Sorting by Issue Type

&{for issues|sortby=IssueTypeName}
${Key} - ${IssueTypeName}

Performance Improvements

Several improvements were done in order to speed up the export process and reduce the amount of memory used during document generation.

Processing logic was updated to get better performance during:

  • Loading Fields and custom fields
  • Processing the Jira Issue data from related issues

Rollback to Xporter 6.0.x

Rollback to Xporter 6.0.x might have a big impact on your Jira instance. We strongly advise you not to do it.

This is because we changed database rules like:

  • Templates can have the same name and filename.
  • Scheduled reports can have the same name.
  • Permission schemes can have the same name.

These rules did not apply in previous versions when the fields were unique. If rollback happens, it can generate a Database error stopping Xporter from working.

Furthermore, when the user returns to Xporter 6.0.0 the migration tasks won't run again and all the data created on Xporter 5.x.x won't be correctly read on Xporter 6.0.0.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Key T Summary Fix Version(s)

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