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From a Test Set, it's possible to export the following Xray data: Tests.

Given that Test Set behaves like a regular JIRA issue, you can also export any other fields listed here.

Some general mappings we can export from a Test Set
Key: ${Key}
Description: ${Description}

Exporting Tests from a Test Set

Below you can find an example of how to iterate over the list of Tests associated with a Test Set.

Iterate over Tests
Total number of associated tests: ${TestsCount}

// Iterating each test
#{for tests}
	Key: ${Tests[n].Key}
	Test Status: ${Tests[n].TestStatus}
	// Iterating over test steps for each test
	#{for m=Tests[n].TestStepsCount}
		Action: ${Tests[n].TestSteps[m].Action}
		Data: ${Tests[n].TestSteps[m].Data}
        Expected Result: ${Tests[n].TestSteps[m].ExpectedResult}
// Iterating each test
#{for j=TestsCount}
	Key: ${Tests[j].Key}
	Test Status: ${Tests[j].TestStatus}
	// Iterating over test steps for each test
	#{for m=Tests[j].TestStepsCount}
		Action: ${Tests[j].TestSteps[m].Action}
		Data: ${Tests[j].TestSteps[m].Data}
		Expected Result: ${Tests[j].TestSteps[m].ExpectedResult}

For more detailed information on how to export Tests and its information please check the documentation..

The word document below shows an example with all the mappings available to export from a Test Set:


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