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Since Jira Cloud does not provide storage, Xporter Cloud has added a Manage Servers screen where users can define and configure their storage servers (this feature is also available on Jira Server). Those storage servers will be available in Workflow Post-functions screens, allowing you to choose the one where to save the generated document.

The communication between a client and an FTP server without SSL is sent unprotected, we recommend the use of FTPS.

File Server Details

Each file server has the following attributes:

  • Type: the file server type. For now only FTP, FTPS, SFTP and Confluence servers are available.
  • Name: the name that is displayed to the users when configuring a post function.
  • Description: here you can describe what is the goal of the file server.
  • Host: the host that you want to connect.
  • Base Path: the file server path.
  • Port: the file server port. For FTP and FTPS the default port is 21, for SFTP connections the default is 22.
  • Username: the username used to connect.
  • Password: the password used to connect.

Before you create the file server you need to test the connection before.

Note: To setup Confluence integration, please follow these steps.

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