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15 July 2019

The Xporter team announces the release of Xporter for Jira Cloud v1.1.9-AC (1.12.0). This release contains several new features.

Highlights for this release

Integration with Xray Test Management

Xporter now integrates with Xray Test Management and lets you export any data from Xray related issues like:

To get started with the Xray Test Management integration please check this documentation page.

Export data from Releases

Xporter now allows our users to export all Release issues.

To use this feature, please enable the option "Enable Xporter on Agile Boards" in the Global Settings.

We have improved our UI

Xporter has standardized all export panels in order to simplify the exporting process and not redirect the user to a second page.

Single and bulk exports, exports from agile boards, and other locations now use the same UI and have the same UX.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Key Summary T Created P Status Resolution

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