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Ever wanted a simple way to export Salesforce data to a PDF, DOCX or XLSX with your own layout? Now, you can do it easily with Xporter for Salesforce.

Xporter is an app developed by Xpand IT, a Salesforce Partner.


Xporter for Salesforce is an app that helps you create documents using data from Salesforce.

With Xporter, you are able to export Object:

  • Fields (Native and Custom)
  • Activity
  • Related Objects
  • And even more.

Generate documents from single or multiple objects.

Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions or even do a demo.

Discover why so many people and organizations choose Xporter every single day.

App Key Features

Document Formats

  • Create Templates using DOCM, DOCX, DOTM, DOTX, ODT, RTF, XLSX, XLSM, CSV and TXT formats.
  • Get documents generated in DOCX, ODT, RTF, PDF, PDF/A, PNG, SVG, XLSX, CSV, TXT, HTML, XML and JSON formats.


  • Export documents from Single Object.
  • Export documents from Multiple (Bulk) Objects.


  • Responsive.
  • Fast feedback.
  • Helpful.

Custom Layout

  • Create a custom document layout using headings, indexes, tables, images, links, text decorations and much more.
  • Create charts using Microsoft Excel documents.
  • Create letters.

Template Store

  • Install templates from the Xporter Template Store (free of charge).
  • Many samples available.
  • Use them as a base for your templates.


  • Manage document formats.
  • Manage Templates.

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