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This is the documentation of Xray Server. If you are looking for Xray Cloud, visit this page. Documentation of older versions of Xray Server is available in this page.

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Jira provides the foundation for managing software projects in an Agile way by promoting collaboration, transparency, estimation, commitment and flexibility, among other benefits.

Xray amplifies Jira and embraces Agile values and principles to enable Agility in teams.

As teams adopt Agile and any of the related frameworks (e.g. Scrum, Kanban) for managing software development, they can take advantage of Xray right away for all of their testing related activities.

The Using Xray in an Agile context page provides clear guidance on how to implement Xray, enumerating all the possibilities and the flexibility options that you have. Remember that being Agile means giving your team the freedom to adapt to their needs. Some of the cool features that can give your team testing and quality awareness without almost no work are the Agile Board Enhancements, but there is much more that you can benefit from. Read on. 

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