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This is the documentation of Xray Server. If you are looking for Xray Cloud, visit this page. Documentation of older versions of Xray Server is available in this page.

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Xray provides a gadget for viewing the historical daily requirement coverage chart for a given set of requirement issues in the last N days.


This gadget provides visibility into the evolution of the coverage status of your project's requirements for last N days, for a given version of the system.

This enables you to evaluate your progress, i.e., if you're closer to having all your requirements properly tested and ready for deployment.


For more information on coverage, please refer to Coverage Analysis.

How to use

Source requirement issues for the chart can be provided by using a saved filter and/or by selecting a project:

  • Saved filter: a saved filter containing requirement issues
  • Project: all requirements for a given project
  • Saved filter and project: a saved filter containing requirement issues that are also in the selected Jira project

Notice that a "Saved Filter" or a "Project" must be select in order to use the gadget.

Additional configuration parameters for this gadget include:

  • Execution Scope: Version or Test Plan
  • Test Plan Key: the key of the Test Plan, if the Execution Scope is "Test Plan"
  • Analysis Version: the version, if case the Execution Scope is "Version"
  • Group By: group the requirements by a specific field/custom field
  • Flat Requirements Presentation: if enabled, all parent and sub-requirements are shown at the same level (e.g., Epics and Stories); if disabled, only the parent requirements are shown
  • Number of days: number of days (in the past) to show on the chart 
  • Chart Type: absolute or relative values(for a normalized chart)
  • Refresh Interval: how often the gadget is updated