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This is the documentation of Xray Server. If you are looking for Xray Cloud, visit this page. Documentation of older versions of Xray Server is available in this page.

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Xporter, also from Xpand add-ons, is a powerful app for the Jira Server and Jira Cloud. It allows you to export Jira issues to fully customized documents (e.g., pdf, docx, xlsx, etc), so you can build great reports with customized layouts.

Xray and Xporter work well together. Please see Xporter's documentation for the specifics of this integration and the available placeholders. 

Xporter's Template Store has several free templates within the "Test & QA" category that can be downloaded and either used as-is or enhanced to meet your needs.

Note: Please take into account the compatibility matrix between both apps.

Learn more

For more information, please take a look at Reports with Xporter for usage details and examples.

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