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This is the documentation of Xray Server. If you are looking for Xray Cloud, visit this page. Documentation of older versions of Xray Server is available in this page.

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1 February 2019

The Xray team announces the bug fix release of Xray 3.3.1.

Implicit re-calculation of Requirements

From Xray 3.2.0, the amount of information indexed by Jira's Lucene framework has increased. In order to not increase the index time, Xray is now pre-calculating this data so when re-indexing there is less calculation to be done.

Whenever installing Xray from a version lower than 3.2.0, this implies that an upgrade task must run to pre-calculate historical data. This action is a one time action and it will run in the background so that Xray is still available during the upgrade. However, this process may be long and CPU heavy depending on the Jira instance size and thus we recommend to perform the upgrade at off-peak times.

In order to manage this calculation, Xray provides a panel inside "Custom Field" preferences page from where you can stop, start and follow the progress of it.

After installing this version of Xray, a re-index operation of your Jira instance is required so that the internal data becomes searchable and usable by Xray.

Bug Fixes in this release

Key Summary T Created P Status Resolution

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