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titleFields with line breaks

If you need to use new lines within a field, for example, in the issue description, then you need to quote the field.

Importing Test Cases


It is now also possible to import test cases as a non-administrator JIRA user. Please follow the described steps in order to use this feature

As a JIRA Administrator

For demonstration purposes, the CSV example file from the previous section is used.


  1. Log in with an administrator account.
  2. Go to System > Import and Export > External System Import.
  3. Select the Xray Test Case Importer.
  4. Follow the Setup Page section instructions

As a Non-Administrator JIRA user

  1. Log in with a non-administrator account.
  2. Got to Tests menu > Test Case Importer as shown in the image Test menu item - Test Case Importer Image Added
  3. Select the Test Case Importer menu item
  4. Follow the Setup Page section instructions

Setup Page

Provide the basic settings for the importation process.


titlePlease note

The "Test Repository Path" is case insensitive and each folder is trimmed (spaces are removed from the start/end of it).

This means that "components/compA", "components /compA", and " components/COMPA" are all the same and will be mapped to the same folder within the Test Repository.

If the folder is not found, then the Test is created, but it is not associated with any folder; it will appear in the "Orphans" meta-folder. Unless you selected the option 'Create Folders', in the Setup page.

To create new folders and sub-folders, in case they do not exist in the Test Repository, you must select the option 'Create Folders' in the Setup page of the Test Case importer.

Make sure you have the Hierarchical Test Organization enabled and the logged in user belongs to a Project Role allowed to edit the Test Repository. You can check this settings under the Xray Global Settings.

Image Added

You can import a link to other issues for newly-created Tests by choosing the "Link ..." mapping.