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  • Back end: Write the data to your data base technology of choice.
  • Usability: Intuitive UI allowing any user to submit his data and easily configure new use cases.
  • Security: The communication between Tableau and the extension is secured and authenticated and you the extension is deployed on your own infrastructure so you have full control on security policies.
  • Audit tracking: Historical actions performed by the users are fully traceable in a relational database so you know exactly who did what. 
  • Deployment: The app that supports the extension is deployed on your infrastructure so your data never leaves your network.

Detailed Features

Intuitive UI with multiple field types(tick)
Add, edit and delete entries(tick)
All database management tasks, including creating tables, are handled automatically(tick)
Write to a separate data set, original data is never changed(tick)

Local deployment (on-premise or cloud)


Local authentication

Kerberos authentication(tick)

Active Directory authentication

Tableau Server authentication(tick)
Audit Tracking
Any action regarding data or configuration is audited(tick)
SAP Hana(tick)
SQL Server(tick)
Amazon Redshift(tick)
Rest API
Available REST API to submit data automatically(tick)