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We have detected an issue with Tableau Desktop 2020.4.2 which prevents using special characters that are inputted with ALT GT GR such as '{', '[', ']', '}', therefore this makes it so that to write conditional fields, you have to copy and paste the character from outside of the extension first.

The same issue was found from 2020.2.7 onwards and 2020.3.6 as well.

We are actively looking into this issue and we apologize for the invonvinience.


Release 3.0 of Write-Back had major enhancements. If you need information about the previous version 2.2 please go to Tableau Write-Back Documentation Home.

Tableau is an amazing tool to analyze and explore data but have you ever came across a use case where you would need users to input data? There are many examples such as: forecasting, planning, adding comments or any actionable process. Most of the time you’ll use another tool to input the data which comes with important disadvantages: a separate tool is needed, so you won't be on the Tableau flow anymore, no security and no auditing.

Write-Back, which is a Tableau extension, solves these challenges by allowing you to submit the data directly from your Tableau dashboard and with all the features that make it an enterprise grade extension.