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The Jenkins baseline for this app is v2.60138.3 4 and it may not work properly with previous versions. 

Manual Installation

titleDownload the latest version of the Jenkins Plugin

You may download the latest version of the Jenkins plugin from the latest Release Notes.


JIRA instanceThe Jira instance where Xray is running.
Project KeyThis is the project where the Tests and Pre-Conditions will be created/updated.
Cucumber feature files directoryThis is the directory containing your feature files. All the files in this directory and sub directories will be imported. Supports both relative and absolute paths.
Modified in the last hoursBy entering an integer n here, only files that where modified in the last n hours will be imported. 
Leave empty if you do not want to use this parameter.


Jira instanceThe Jira instance where Xray is running
FormatA list of test result formats and its specific endpoint
Execution Report File

The results relative or absolute file path.

Note: glob expressions are supported for

  • JUnit
  • JUnit Multipart
  • TestNG
  • TestNG Multipart
  • NUnit
  • NUnit Multipart
  • XUnit
  • XUnit Multipart
  • Robot framework
  • Robot framework Multipart