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1 - Backing up config.yml and default.yml

Before proceeding, you have to save your current configuration files to migrate them to the new version.

  1. These files can be found in the installation path of Write-Back under apache-tomcat/webapps/twbe/WEB-INF/classes/config.yml and apache-tomcat/webapps/twbe/WEB-INF/classes/sites/default.yml. If you have more sites configured besides default you will have to save those as well.
  2. Please save these files to a location that you can access later.

2 - Backing up database driver

Besides configuration files, you'll also have to backup the driver for the database you are currently using; save it to a place that you'll be able to reach later.

  1. It can be found under apache-tomcat/webapps/twbe/WEB-INF/lib. The PostgreSQL driver, for example, is postgresql-42.2.5.jar.
  2. Please save these files to a location that you can access later.


  1. Stop Write-Back Server service
  2. To download the new version simply go to our Support & Resources page and in there you can find the war to download (not the installer) and you should rename it to twbe.war
  3. Go to <installation_path>\apache-tomcat\webapps\
  4. Delete twbe from webapps
  5. Now copy the new twbe.war to the webapps folder


Finally you need to restore your existing settings. 

  1. Start Write-Back Server
    1. Notice that a new twbe folder is created
  2. Copy your config.yml and default.yml to the new twbe\WEB-INF\classes and twbe\WEB-INF\classes\sites, respectively.
  3. Copy the database driver to twbe\WEB-INF\lib
  4. Start Restart Write-Back ServerNotice that a new twbe folder is created

Upgrading from Release 2.1.x to Release 2.2