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How is Write-Back deployed?

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Write-Back Manager

  • This tool is used to make the whole configuration process for Write-Back as well as managing the services and settings. It sits outside of the top diagram and manages Write-Back server settings and services.It is also responsible for license management  This is also where license management is done or any other administration task.
  • It is used only by the Write-Back system administrators and the login is done with an OS user from the machine.
  • Each Write-Back installation has its own Write-Back manager deployed on the same machine allowing to manage that instance.

Write-Back (Server)

  • Tableau extensions are web-based and deployed on a separate application server from the Tableau Server. This means that Write-Back should be placed side by side with your Tableau Server, ideally on a separate machine. Users will interact with the Write-Back server either on the Tableau Desktop or on Tableau Server, the behaviour is very similar as even on the Tableau Desktop extensions are executed on an embedded browser.
  • The Write-Back server location is defined on the Tableau dashboard by adding a trex file. This is the file that tells Tableau where is the Write-Back server, since Write-Back runs on your environment you should always select my extensions and locate the file that is provided after finishing the installation process. Bear in mind that all Creators that will build a dashboard with Write-Back need to have the corresponding trex file in hand.