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The historical_audit table is automatically populated by Write-Back to keep track of all the actions taken by users. Each entry has the following fields:

ID1234a678-9b01-23c4-5d6e-7f89a0123b45ID - primary key. (UUID)
ACTIONDATE_LOCAL2019-01-21 14:24:47Date and time of the user's action. The date is stored in the server time zone.
ACTIONDATE_UTC2019-01-21 12:24:47Date and time of the user's action. The date is stored in UTC.
ACTIONNAMEALTER_DATASETThe type of user's action. Please find below a list with the actions available.
ACTIONPARAMSrenameColumn;dropColumn;modifyColumn;addColumnDetails of a user's action.


forecasts_modificationsName of the data set.
DATASETKEY1234a678-9b01-23c4-5d6e-7f89a0123b45Record's key in the dataset. (UUID)
SYSTEMServerThe system where the user performs actions. Possible values include 'Server' or 'Desktop'.
USERNAMEusernameThe user that performed the action.
IDWIDGETCONFIGURATION1234a678-9b01-23c4-5d6e-7f89a0123b45The ID of the Widget Configuration.
WRITEBACK_SITEdefaultThe site used during the configuration or append of data.

The historical is kept both in the metadata database and the persistence database - in the persistence database you only get the audit for data changes and not the changes to the dataset on a metadata level.

The action names considered are the following:

NameAction Detail
DELETE_DATAThe user either on Desktop or Server deletes a data entry
INSERT_DATAThe user either on Desktop or Server submits a data entry
EDIT_DATAThe user either on Desktop or Server edits an existing data entry

For the EDIT_DATA actions, there are a few additional combinations to notice:

ActionParamsAction Detail
editDataDeleteThe user deleted a cell (when using pivots) or a complete line (when not using pivots) - only shows up when using tabular mode.
editDataInsertThe user inserted a new cell/line - only shows up when using tabular mode.
1234a678-9b01-23c4-5d6e-7f89a0123b45The user edited an entry, the actionParam refers to the line that was disabled and the new line will be in the datasetKey column.

Dataset Tables

When a dataset is created a table is also created in the database to store its values. Take the "Sales Forecast" dataset for example, when creating it will create a new table named "sales_forecast" with the defined fields on the configuration.