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Write-Back is now configured for any user to start submitting/editing data. Let's see how we can use it to write back data to the dataset previously configured.

Make sure you are working with a dashboard that has an extension configured (more on how to configure an extension can be found here). For users who don't have permission to edit dashboards, this is the only screen they will have access to. 

Add Data

Write-Back can work in two modes which are configured by the dashboard creator:

Select Mark(s) and click Add Data

This mode is typically used when you are submitting the data associated with a particular mark.

Select a valid mark in the input sheet from the dashboard and press the plus button.

Selecting a mark from the source sheet is mandatory so make sure you do it before clicking on Add Data. 

When the mark required option is enabled you can either select one mark or multiple marks on the dashboard you want to add data. If you select a mark that does not match the worksheet configured on Write-Back you will be shown an error notifying you are choosing the wrong marks! If the mark required option is not enabled then there is no need to select a mark (see below "Add Data").

Be aware that while selecting multiple marks there is a difference between drag selection and click selection. This is specially relevant when fields have been added to the details shelf because while they are not needed on the viz they still need to be captured them on Write-Back. The behavior is as follows:

  • Click on top of a mark hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or the Command key (macOS) and click on another mark → you will only be selecting one mark, no matter the dimensions you might have on the detail.
  • Drag across the view while using a selection tool → you will select all the marks available for each entry meaning that if there are fields on details that increase granularity you will be in fact selecting across all these detailed marks. 

In short, we are just trying to raise awareness of the differences between both selections because they will produce different results when using Write-Back to insert data. 

Click Add Data

This mode is typically used when submitting data for the whole screen, and not a particular mark. For instance when you need to comment on a monthly dashboard. To be possible to add data without selecting at least a mark, you need to have the option "Marks required" deactivated from the configuration. In this case, just press the Add Data button.

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