19 April 2021

The Xporter for Jira team proudly announces the release of Xporter 6.7.0. This point release contains several new features and bug fixes.

If installing manually from the Atlassian Marketplace, please make sure you install the correct asset for your Jira version (i.e. 7.x, 8.x, datacenter) from the releases page.

Highlights for this release

Improvements on Export dialog

Now in Xporter, it is possible to filter search directly from the name. This change can be used in:

  • Selecting the Templates
  • Selecting the Output Format
  • Selecting the Break Page Type
  • Agile Boards Context

This change can be seen in:

  • Single Issue Export
  • Bulk Export
  • Adding/Editing Scheduled Reports
  • Worklows

Iterating over Issues in an Epic

Xporter allows you to export all issues in an Epic. From now on,  users will be able to iterate over all the issues in the epic and the respective information of each one.

#{for n=IssuesInEpicCount}
   Issue Key: ${IssuesInEpic[n].Key}
   Summary: ${IssuesInEpic[n].Summary}
   Issue Type Name: ${IssuesInEpic[n].IssueTypeName}
   Issue Description: ${IssuesInEpic[n].Description}
   Epic Link Key: ${IssuesInEpic[n].Epic Link.Key}

User experience improved on the Scheduled Reports

List of Scheduled Reports

Xporter has prepared a new experience for managing Scheduled Reports.

With the new interface you can:

  • Search the scheduled report by name or by the user.
  • Change the order of the scheduled reports  by sorting the column
  • Possibility of enabling and disabling the scheduled report by clicking the toggle
  • Pagination -  allows you to define the number of scheduled reports per page
  • The scheduled reports will be shown in alphabetical order
  • Errors and warnings of the scheduled report will appear first in the listing
  • Possibility of filtering the scheduled report by status( enabled or disabled)
  • The icons representing the input and output format.
  • View the full name of the author of the scheduled report

Add / Edit Template

We have changed the add/edit scheduled reports page.

New Features and Bug Fixes